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I understood the true meaning of of the phrase ‘Doctors are angels sent by God’ after i met Dr Avinash Bhatt...... I went to him on the recommendation of my best friend (who had both her deliveries with him) and it was one of the best decisions i have taken......Serene, soft-spoken, approachable.... he is everything i wanted in my gynecologist.... Throughout my pregnancy he has handled me beautifully.... answered all my queries (no matter how trivial they were),.... explained every medicine, sonography, blood test suggested...discussed any pregnancy related issues i had......i always felt i and my baby were in the best hands....One of the the best things i really liked about him is that unlike many doctors, he would NEVER recommend any unwanted tests or medicines....I wish all doctors were like him.....I just had to talk to him to put any fears in my mind to rest.....Even after i delivered my daughter, he was always there, advising and guiding me in my post-delivery recovery.... One thing i and my husband are in total consensus with....If ever we have another baby, we will go to Dr Avinash ONLY....He is a great doctor with a heart of gold....truly an angel in disguise.

Shruti Paralkar

I am falling short of words to appreciate the services provided here with sincerity. The only place in Mumbai that has mesmerized me and makes me stress free. I am in the best hands of a doctor(Dr.Tanaaz) who acknowledges building relationships rather than money. Hoping for a wonderful journey at Dr.Bhatts.

Hafsa Tazheen

I am writing this recommendation bec I feel the service in which the hospital is in is a precious one. With Dr. Bhatt's hospital, the mother and child are in safe hands. You will get a sense of commitment, utmost care, right guidance for your new born and mother. The team of Sr. Dr. Bhatt, Dr. Avinash and Dr. Tanaaz is commendable and experienced. The staff is courteous and cleanliness is treated as next to Godliness. One needs to take care that they are disciplined, timely communicate to the doctor and the rest course of action is handled well by the doctors. The hospital is also quite transparent with the policies, costs and that really gives a great sense of trust in investing into something that is valuable for life.

Ankit Pandya

Excellent Hospital. One of the best in this part of Mumbai... Entire staff is extremely helpful, hospital area is extremely clean. And most importantly the doctors are extremely qualified and empathetic.

Prash Sankhe

Doctors&staff are dedicated to service,they do their best,some where they are similar to international norms in antenatal&postnatal services

Kamlesh chandra Mishra

One of best hospital for pregnancy related issues, doctors and staff are service oriented...I would say Its best even compared to international standard...

Gabriel Nadar

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