• Once you miss your period and you know you are pregnant,see your doctor early to get an early dating sonography.
  • Do not miss your folic acid. Take your iron and calcium regularly as advised by your doctor.
  • Small frequent meals good hydration will do you a lot of good. Avoid oily and spicy food
  • It is advisable to get a first trimester screening done in the first 3 months.
  • You will be advised about an anomaly scan around 19-21 weeks.
  • it is safe to drive but make sure you have your seat belt on correctly.
  • Check with your doctor about epidural analgesia in labour and about cord blood banking.


  • All women who are sexually active and those above the age of 20 should get a regular Pap smear done.
  • A self breast examination goes a long way in early detection of breast cancer.
  • Women above the age of 40 should get a regular mammography, even earlier for those who are at higher risk.
  • For more information on breast cancer visit
  • If your periods are heavy, prolonged or with clots, see you doctor.
  • Calcium supplements are very important for those in the perimenopausal and menopausal age group.
  • Contraception-DO NOT use the emergency contraceptive pill as a regular mode of contraception. Do visit your doctor for the same.


  • Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child despite trying for one year
  • It is a myth that infertility is always a "woman's problem." Of the 80 percent of cases with a diagnosed cause, about half are based at least partially on male problems.
  • When the man produces no sperm, a condition called azoospermia, or that he produces too few sperm, called oligospermia.
  • The other half of explained infertility cases are linked to female problems (called female factors) most commonly ovulation disorders. Without ovulation, eggs are not available for fertilization. Problems with ovulation are signaled by irregular menstrual periods
  • If the fallopian tubes are blocked at one or both ends, the egg can't travel through the tubes into the uterus.
  • Overall health and lifestyle are important factors for both. Heavy alcohol use, Drugs Smoking cigarettes stress, Age, Environmental toxins, including pesticides and lead are all detrimental factors.

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